Animal Jam Adoption

Adoption can be a fun game for both “parents” and “children” in Animal Jam.  There are a lot of questions about adoption in Animal Jam so I’ll do my best to answer them in this post.  There is no official “Adopt” button or anything like that in the game, however it is easy to find players looking for adoption if you know where to look.

How to Get Adopted in Animal Jam

1. Use a small, cute animal as your character.  The bunny or the fox are good choices.

2. Dress your animal up like a baby: Wear a blanket, scarf, and other knitted items so you look like a baby.

3. Go to the Pillow Room in Jamaa Township.  This is the meeting area where most adoptions happen.  Try to find a busy server to play on so you have a better chance of getting adopted.

4. When you’re in the pillow room, say something like “Needs a mommy” or “I’m a happy baby”.  Just say something to let other Jammers know you are looking to get adopted.

5. Wait for a parent to come in and adopt you.  If there is no one else in the Pillow Room try a different server with more people, eventually you will find a parent.

6. After a parent approaches you, talk to them first to see if they will be a good parent.  If you want to be adopted by that player, be sure you add them to your buddy list so you won’t lose them.

7. That’s pretty much it!  Your parent will probably want you to come back to their den so you can start playing together as a family.  Just keep playing along and that’s all there is to getting adopted.


If you’re interested in being a parent and adopting a baby in Animal Jam, the process is similar to the steps above but is a little different.  Follow the guide below for how to become a parent in Animal Jam.

How to Adopt a Baby in Animal Jam

1. Dress your animal in a friendly, non-threatening way.  You don’t want to scare away your future children.

2. Make sure your den is ready for a new baby.  You’ll need somewhere to bring your child so make them a room at your den and decorate it for a baby.

3. Join a busy server.  The more players on the server, the better chance you have of finding a baby.

4. Go to the Pillow Room in Jamaa Township.  This is where you will find many babies waiting to be adopted.

5. Be nice to everyone in the Pillow Room even if you are not adopting them.  If other players see you being mean to people, they will not want you to adopt them.

6. Pick a baby from the Pillow Room and start talking with them.  If you think you are a good match for each other then adopt the baby.  Be sure to add them to your buddy list so you wont lose them!

7. After you’ve adopted your baby, bring them back to your den so they can get used to their new home.

8. That’s pretty much all there is to adopting a baby, the rest is up to you!  Take good care of your child or else they will run away.  It’s easy to find activities around Jamaa for the whole family!

  1. Looking to get adopted. My user is alua5. Buddy me I might add u back.

  2. Haha I’ve adopted before on play wild I have two kids but its funny to se the people trying to get adopted there “adopt me I’m a bay be” or “I’m lonely please adopt me” and u adopt one of them and mor than ten end up in your den its crazy.

  3. i like to adopt the phantom

  4. I have wanted to be adopted and to adopt a jammer so this guide will come in handy. Thanks!☺

  5. Plz make animal codes plz!!!!!!!!

  6. I want a baby. OR a pet. If you want to be adopted then buddie ‘clavan’ NO capitals

  7. I was a Prime with cat ears in play wild and my owner tried to cook me! I’m looking for adoption! My play wild is Sdolphin and my computer is Sdolphin10

    • Sdolphin I’m not kidding my play wild is Sdolphin! But my computer is Sdolphin4 and when I was a cat my owner tried to cook me to!

  8. ya that is true lol:)

  9. Why do ppl get adopted in AJ if your looking for a parent to adopt you then log of and run away from your parents and to an adoption center.

  10. Lol I adopted a bunch of ppl without this. Sorry!

  11. I am a non member but I have a really nice den. If you want to be adopted please reply before 17-01-15. My den is unlocked so you can look around. My username is katnisshunger123 .

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