Animal Jam Mobile: AJ Jump Cheats & Guide


Animal Jam Jump is here!  The app was released on December 9th for Android and Apple iOS devices.  You get to play as a kangaroo and jump your way to the top of each level while collecting power-ups and gems!

Animal Jam Jump Features

Customize your kangaroos to look exactly how you want them.


You can also connect your Animal Jam account with your AJ Jump app so you can transfer gems!  This way you can earn gems on the go and then transfer them to Animal Jam and spend them in Jamaa.  Pretty cool right?!


Once you get good at AJ Jump you can jump all the way over the moon and even further!  Collect special items like rockets to shoot all the way to the top!


Every Jammer who downloads AJ Jump will receive a pet joey kangaroo to follow them around Jamaa!  Now you can bring your kangaroos with you everywhere you go.


With the Animal Jam Jump app, you can also learn fun facts about kangaroos and see pictures and videos of them too!


How to Play AJ Jump

After you download the AJ Jump app, just click on it to begin playing the game.  There is a short tutorial that shows you exactly how to play Animal Jam Jump.  All you need to do is rotate your device to the left and the right to change the direction that your kangaroo jumps.


The objective is to collect as many gems as you can while avoiding the phantoms and cracking platforms!  You can use the trampolines, fans, springs, and even rockets to help you jump higher.  When you fall from the top, you have the option to keep playing or quit.


How Do I Connect My AJ Jump Account with My Animal Jam Account?

Did you know that you can transfer gems from your AJ Jump account to your Animal Jam account?  Well you can!  It’s easy to set things up, just follow these steps:

First click on the settings icon on the top left side of your screen.


This will bring you to the Options page.  Click on the green button that says “Log In” to connect your Animal Jam account.


Then just enter your Animal Jam login information and click “Log In”.


Once your account is connected, you can choose if you want to transfer gems or transfer a joey kangaroo to your Animal Jam account.


That’s it!  You’re all set up to transfer gems from your AJ Jump account to your Animal Jam account.  You can log in to different accounts if you have more than one.


How to Download Animal Jam Jump

AJ Jump is available for download at a few different places.  The app costs $1.99 for the entire game.  There are no in-game purchases asking you to spend more money!  Here are the links where you can download Animal Jam Jump:

Google Play Store

Apple Store


AJ Jump Icon Guide

Here is a guide for some of the icons you’ll find in the AJ Jump app.

Click on the icon of the trophy to see the high scores of your Animal Jam buddies and all other AJ Jump players.


To change the color of your kangaroo, click this icon.


If you want to change your kangaroo’s outfit, just click on this icon.


Clicking this icon will allow you to choose which accessories you want your kangaroo to have.


To watch videos and see fun facts about kangaroos, click on this icon.


AJ Jump Announcement Post Below (11/8/13)

So yesterday it was announced that there will finally be an Animal Jam mobile game!  On the last page of the Jamaa Journal they had an ad for AJ Jump which is the name of the new app.  Here’s what it looks like:


They didn’t give a whole lot of information about the new app here but I’m still so excited that there will finally be Animal Jam mobile!  I tried looking around for more info on AJ Jump but there really isn’t much out there yet.  Hopefully the app doesn’t cost too much when it comes out…

I also hope AJ Jump will be available for both Android and Apple devices.  It was kind of a bummer that Tunnel Town was only released for iOS!  Either way I think this new Animal Jam mobile app will be a huge success.  We’ve been asking for a mobile version of animal Jam for a long time now and they finally listened!

I wonder if this new app will just be Animal Jam on your phone or if it will be a little different than the computer version?  I’ll keep digging for news on AJ Jump and be sure to keep this page updated as soon as I find out more about it!  This will be the official page on my site for Animal Jam mobile cheats and guides when the new game comes out too.

What do you think about AJ Jump?  Are you excited for it to come out?  What do you think it will be like?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. It sounds good im going to try to download it maybe

  2. My animal jam play wild rainbow spike got scammed. I’m super sad that people just do that.

  3. There is another AJ mobile it is called Play Wild! and it’s basically animal jam except there is no membership, so you can get lots of animals, and there are different games that are better on a touch screen.

  4. i got scammed twice and one, non member rare went bye bye, and lots of member rares went bye bye 🙁 i reported both of them. 🙂 and blocked them that made me feel better.

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