Hey Jammers! My Late Introduction…

Hello everyone!  I’m AntAnimal.  This is my website that I created a few months ago and I realized that I never even introduced myself!  I’m in 7th grade and have been playing Animal Jam for about 2 years now.  In my free time I like to play Animal Jam (of course), work on this website, play video games, watch TV, and go fishing.


Animal Jam is definitely my favorite game which is why I made this site!  My username is AntAnimal so feel free to add me on Animal Jam 🙂  I usually play in the afternoons and evenings.  My favorite animal right now is the koala and my favorite area is the new Kimbara Outback.  I am hoping to get a membership soon so I can make guides for all of the members-only stuff!

I hope you all have found some useful information on here.  If there’s anything you can think of that you want a guide for, leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out!  I’m going to try to be more active with replying to comments too.  Thanks for checking out my website, keep on Jammin!


  1. What do I do if i get scammed on AJ I just got scammed today ( Long collar and 19 rares) Can I get my stuff back?

  2. Hey! I’m Bagels :3 I don’t have an Aj account but my lil sis does so I look at helpful things for her. I’m in 8th grade and going into high school.

  3. Hi I am tigeriffic0 I in forth grade and i absolutely admire both ajs so buddy me if you can (i member)

  4. i only play on ajpw
    pls buddy me
    be fair in trd
    and i am not a member
    i am bepper’s cousin

  5. Hello! I don’t have animal jam but I have play wild! My username is Beanieboorox12 and you can buddy me if u like!

  6. i really enjoy you giving us all these codes and my favorate animal right now is the owl and zippythebeast is not my user for aj

  7. I’ll add u 😁

  8. I’m Enderllama and I play on aj play wild, I hope I get a membership.

  9. my favorite animal right now is arctic wolf or a fox and my favorite area is crystal sand, i’m in grade 6. i play animal jam every day and hoping that you take my buddy request.

  10. I am in 7th grade too! I added you on AJ, Antanimal, my user is Britanny38.

  11. i think that non member should be for free and member thing for be for all jammers and my name on aj is pricees301 i hope u can it aj im wishing for this to happen

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