Tunnel Town Bunny Mating Guide

How to Breed Bunnies

To mate bunnies in Tunnel Town, you have to put two of them on the dance floor.  Both bunnies must be a level 4 or higher.  If you need tips on how to level-up your bunnies faster, check out this guide.  Once you choose the two bunnies you want to mate, it will show the possible outcomes of what bunnies will hatch.


Below you’ll find a guide for how to breed the different kinds of bunnies in Tunnel Town.  If you want to speed up the mating process, take a look at our Cheats for Tunnel Town. If you find any new mating combinations that I haven’t mentioned, feel free to comment and I’ll add it to the list!

Each type of bunny will hatch a different type of bunny when mated with another.  You’ll be able to see what the possible rabbits will be after you put both bunnies on the dance floor.  If you change the song, it will change the types and colors of baby bunnies.  In order to make some types of bunnies, one of the parents has to be on a certain side of the dance floor.  These are marked with (left) or (right) in the mating guide below.

*NEW* Spooky Bunnies for 2016


Just in time for Halloween, here are the Spooky Bunnies!  Hatch them if you dare!  Updated with the new 2016 Spooky bunnies – the witch bunny and the unicorn bunny.

Please help out other players and share any Spooky bunny combinations in the comments!

How to Get a Witch Bunny


Witch bunnies were added to Tunnel Town in 2016.  They are a great addition for Halloween, just be careful not to get on their bad side!

Bunny Combos:

Pumpkin (left) + Fjord Bunny (thanks Hawkfeather)

Pumpkin + Fox Bunny (thanks Hawkfeather)

Pumpkin + Pumpkin Bunny (thanks Inge)

Vampire + Vampire Bunny (thanks Inge)

Franken + Franken Bunny (thanks Inge)

I still need some combos to hatch witch bunnies so please comment if you know any!

How to Mate a Unicorn Bunny


Unicorn bunnies are a rare spooky bunny and are perfect for Halloween.  Watch out for their horn!

Bunny Combinations:

Pumpkin + Mountain Bunny (thanks Lily)

Pumpkin + Sprout Bunny (thanks Hawkfeather)

Pumpkin + Goat Bunny (thanks Hawkfeather)

Pumpkin + Gnome Bunny (thanks Anna J.)

How to Hatch a Pumpkin Bunny


Bunny Combos:

Pumpkin + Pumpkin Bunny (thanks Tulip829)

Cactus + Sprout Bunny (thanks Kk)

How to Breed a Vampire Bunny


Bunny Combinations:

Pumpkin + Snowflake Bunny (thanks Tulip829)

Pumpkin + Pumpkin Bunny (thanks Tulip829)

Pumpkin + Walrus Bunny (thanks AJiah)

Pumpkin + Fjord Bunny (thanks Hawkfeather)

Pumpkin + Fox Bunny (thanks Hawkfeather)

How to Mate a Franken Bunny


Bunny Combos:

Pumpkin + Prairie Bunny (thanks Tulip829)

Pumpkin + Pumpkin Bunny (thanks Tulip829)

Pumpkin + Leopard Bunny (thanks Hawkfeather)

Pumpkin + Skunk Bunny (thanks Hawkfeather)

Pumpkin + Wildflower Bunny (thanks Hawkfeather)

How to Get a Rooster Bunny


Rooster bunnies are a new addition to Tunnel Town in September 2016.  The rest of your bunnies may not be so happy when you add a rooster bunny though, some of them don’t like getting woken up early!

Bunny Combos:

Skunk + Sprout Bunny (thanks Caddy)

Sprout + Wildflower Bunny (thanks Hawkfeather)

We need more Rooster bunny breeding combinations!  If you know any please share them in the comments!

Dinosaur Bunnies


These prehistoric bunnies are new to Tunnel Town for August 2016!

Bunny Combinations:

Shark + Snail Bunny (thanks Da bomb)

Snail + Seahorse Bunny (thanks Catsrock237)

Mouse + Shark Bunny (thanks arisa)

Goat + Seahorse Bunny (thanks Lisa)

Please share any Dinosaur Bunny combos you find in the comments below!

Skunk Bunny


Skunk bunnies were also added in August of 2016.  You might want to think twice before letting one of these stinky bunnies into your burrow!

Bunny Combos:

Albino + Freedom Bunny (thanks Catsrock237)

Dust + Leopard Bunny (thanks Da bomb)

Lion + Jackalope Bunny (thanks arisa)

Jackalope + Zebra Bunny (thanks arisa)

Roadrunner + Wildebeast Bunny (thanks Lisa)

Albino + Jackalope Bunny (thanks lps21485)

Prairie + Jackalope Bunny (thanks lps21485)

Freedom Bunnies


Freedom Bunnies were added in July 2016 to celebrate 4th of July!

How to Breed a Freedom Bunny


Freedom Bunnies will bring a spark of joy to any burrow, a new must have Tunnel Town bunny.

Bunny Combinations:

Shark + Cactus Bunny (thanks Fluffy Fun)

Roadrunner + Seafoam Bunny (thanks Yourwelcome)

Dust + Moon Bunny (thanks Ashley)

Sun + Moon Bunny (thanks Ashley)

Seahorse + Turtle Bunny (thanks Amber)

Raodrunner + Seahorse Bunny (thanks Catsrock237)

Cactus + Moon Bunny (thanks AmbieDah)

Squid + Cactus Bunny (thanks Grace)

Roadrunner + Shark Bunny (thanks Lisa)

How to Mate a LadyBug Bunny


Ladybug Bunnies are important members of any burrow, they keep all of the unwanted pests away!

Bunny Combos:

Sprout + Rosebud Bunny (thanks Heather)

Mouse + Rosebud Bunny (thanks KojoKenzie)

I’m still looking for Ladybug bunny breeding combinations please share any you know in the comments.

How to Get a Seahorse Bunny


Although they’re sea animals, Seahorse Bunnies are right at home in Tunnel Town.

Bunny Combinations:

Angler + Angler Bunny (thanks Roxima)

Mountain + Seafoam Bunny (thanks Courtney)

Shark + Mountain Bunny (thanks Jessica)

Please help out your fellow players and share any Seahorse bunny combos in the comments!

How to Hatch a Rosebud Bunny


Rosebud bunnies are a perfect addition to any burrow.  They’ve spent their whole lives in the garden so they know their way around!

Bunny Combos:

Sprout + Albino Bunny (thanks Jerry)

Sprout + Wildflower Bunny (thanks Heather)

Sprout + Dust Bunny (thanks sunbright33)

Sprout + Leopard Bunny (thanks Bertha)

Sprout + Prairie Bunny (thanks Grumpy12)

Still looking for Rosebud bunny combos, please share in the comments!

How to Breed a Gnome Bunny


No burrow is complete without a Gnome Bunny to stand guard!  Breed some Gnome bunnies to keep an eye on things.

Bunny Combinations:

Sprout + Mountain Bunny (thanks Jerry)

Sprout + Snowflake Bunny (thanks Heather)

Sprout + Narwhal Bunny (thanks Heather)

Bee + Fox Bunny (thanks Catsrock237)

Bee + Narwhal Bunny (thanks Lisa)

Please share any gnome bunny combos in the comments!

How to Make a Bee Bunny


Bee bunnies will surely keep your burrow buzzing in Tunnel Town.  Don’t let their stripes and happy faces fool you, they sting!

Thank you Heather for these Bee bunny combos!

Bunny Combos:

Sprout + Wildflower Bunny

Sprout + Frog Bunny

Sprout + Butterfly Bunny

Sprout + Rosebud Bunny

I need your help, please comment if you know any combos!

Cupid & Chinese Dragon Bunnies


Cupid bunnies have arrived just in time for Valentines Day and the Chinese Dragon bunnies are here to help ring in the Chinese New Year!  Check out the combinations below to see how to breed them yourself!  If you know any other combos, please post them in the comments!

How to Hatch a Cupid Bunny


These special Cupid bunnies are only here for a short time to celebrate Valentines Day.  Hatch them while you can!

Bunny Combinations:

Fjord + Jackalope bunny (thanks Captain Harlock)

Fjord + Cactus bunny (thanks Iris)

Sun (left) + Fjord bunny (thanks Sushidolphin)

Chinchilly + Sun bunny (thanks Cara345)

Walrus (left) + Cactus bunny (thanks Sushidolphin)

Walrus + Sun bunny (thanks MissPeachPie)

Fox (left) + Dust bunny (thanks Sushidolphin)

How to Breed a Chinese Dragon Bunny


Help celebrate the Chinese New Year with these colorful Chinese Dragon bunnies!

Bunny Combos:

Mountain + Seafoam bunny (thanks Captain Harlock)

Chinchilly + Zebra bunny (thanks Romi)

Miner 49’er (left) + Seafoam bunny (thanks Iris)

Albino + Chinchilly bunny (thanks Pikachu12321)

Chinchilly + Prairie bunny (thanks Tulip829)

Mountain + Mouse bunny (thanks Bunnyluvur7058)

Zebra + Snowflake bunny (thanks Jason)

Chinchilly + Leopard bunny (thanks Bloodyrose473)

Fox Bunnies


Fox bunnies are one of the newest bunnies to come to Tunnel Town!  These chilly little arctic bunnies will surely be a nice addition to your den during these cold winter months.

How to Mate a Fox Bunny


Thank you Tulip829 for these bunny combos!!

Bunny Combinations:

Fjord + Miner bunny

Chinchilly + Miner bunny

Chinchilly + Mountain bunny

Chinchilly + Snail bunny

Chinchilly + Goat bunny

Fjord (left) + Mouse bunny (thanks Wildwolfprincess)

Beetle Bunnies


Summer time means that the bugs are out in full force so it’s only appropriate that they release a Beetle Bunny in Tunnel Town!  I think these Beetle bunnies are much cuter than actual beetles, don’t you?

How to Make a Beetle Bunny


Their fame as musicians will make these Beetle Bunnies some of the most popular bunnies in your burrow!

Thanks everyone for the help with the bunny combos, keep them coming!

Bunny Combinations:

Dust (left) + Paradise Bunny (thanks Moy)

Cactus + Butterfly Bunny (thanks Chorus 2012)

Cactus + Chameleon Bunny (thanks Bunny)

Cactus + Dust Bunny (thanks Bunnyland)

Frog (left) + Jackalope Bunny (thanks Courtney)

Goat Bunnies


The Goat bunnies have decided to leave their mountain homes and make the beach their new home.  I don’t blame them!

How to Breed a Goat Bunny


If you know of any other Goat bunny combinations, please leave them in the comments!

Bunny Combos:

Seafoam + Mountain Bunny (thanks Lollipop)

Snail + Mountain Bunny

Snail + Miner Bunny

Snail + Shark Bunny

Turtle Bunnies


Turtle bunnies arrived shortly after the Wildflower bunnies did.  These shelled little bunnies bring their homes with them on their backs!

How to Mate a Turtle Bunny


They may seem shy hiding in their shells but these turtle bunnies are actually a lot of fun!

Bunny Combinations:

Roadrunner (left) + Snail Bunny

Cactus + Sun Bunny

Cactus (left) + Snail Bunny

Snail + Jackalope Bunny

Sun + Roadrunner Bunny

Wildflower Bunnies


It’s springtime now so it’s only appropriate to have some fresh new wildflower bunnies in Tunnel Town!  These cute and colorful little bunnies have come out of hibernation and are now available to come to your burrow.

How to Breed a Wildflower Bunny


These new wildflower bunnies will help bring some spring cheer to your burrow!

Once again, Moogie-licious has already found a TON of combinations for the new Wildflower bunny! Thanks so much!!

Bunny Combos:

Roadrunner (left) + Mouse
Roadrunner (left) + Miner
Roadrunner (left) + Mountain
Roadrunner (left) + Snail
Dust (left) + Mouse
Dust (left) + Miner
Dust (left) + Mountain
Dust (left) + Snail
Sun (left) + Mouse
Sun (left) + Miner
Sun (left) + Mountain
Sun (left) + Snail
Cactus (left) + Mouse
Cactus (left) + Miner
Cactus (left) + Mountain
Cactus (left) + Snail
Jackalope (left) + Mouse
Jackalope (left) + Miner
Jackalope (left) + Mountain
Jackalope (left) + Snail
Wildebeast + Cactus (thanks Iris)

Luck Bunnies


With St Patrick’s Day coming up, it’s only appropriate for Luck Bunnies to come to Tunnel Town!  These cute little green guys will surely bring some good luck to your burrow.  Find out how to make one for yourself below!

How to Hatch a Luck Bunny


These clumsy green bunnies will bring some spring cheer to your burrow!

HUGE thank you to Moogie-licious for finding ALL of the bunny combinations listed below!!

Bunny Combinations:

Moon & Wildebeest Bunny

Moon & Lion Bunny

Moon & Cheetah Bunny

Moon & Zebra Bunny

Moon & Prairie Bunny

Lion & Angler Bunny

Lion & Seafoam Bunny

Lion & Squid Bunny

Lion & Shark Bunny

Zebra & Angler Bunny

Zebra & Seafoam Bunny

Zebra & Squid Bunny

Zebra & Shark Bunny

Wildebeest & Angler Bunny

Wildebeest & Seafoam Bunny

Wildebeest & Squid Bunny

Wildebeest & Shark Bunny

Cheetah & Angler Bunny

Cheetah & Seafoam Bunny

Cheetah & Squid Bunny

Cheetah & Shark Bunny

Prairie & Angler Bunny

Prairie & Seafoam Bunny

Prairie & Squid Bunny

Prairie & Shark Bunny

Roadrunner Rabbit & Albino Bunnies


Another Tunnel Town update was recently announced!  Welcome the Roadrunner rabbit and Albino bunny to Tunnel Town!  The spotted and striped Roadrunner rabbit looks like a fun and fast addition to anyone’s burrow.

The other new bunny is the Albino bunny!  Apparently these are so rare that they’re not even available for sale!  Not to worry though, we know how to make them 🙂  There are some bunny combinations listed below for how to breed these two new bunnies.

As always, if you find ways to make these new bunnies that aren’t listed, please comment and I’ll give you credit for it!  Thanks Sierra, Kim, Pumpkin, jesica11aa, Zozobear3002, Megan, Yanagismo, Amber, Bri Bri, and Rue/Casandra for the bunny combinations!

How to Breed a Roadrunner Rabbit


The Roadrunner rabbit will bring a quirky charm to your burrow, just try not to mention their spots!

Bunny Combos:

Toucan & Sun Bunny

Dust & Paradise Bunny

Butterfly & Sun Bunny

Butterfly & Dust Bunny

Paradise & Jackalope Bunny

Cactus & Butterfly Bunny

Paradise & Sun Bunny

Paradise & Dust bunny (thanks AnimalJam1234)

How to Make an Albino Bunny


The super rare Albino bunny is so hard to find that I couldn’t even get a good picture of one yet!

Bunny Combinations:

Luck & Luck Bunny (thanks Moogie-licious)

Chinchilly & Prairie Bunny (thanks Tulip829)

Chinchilly & Fjord Bunny (thanks Jason)

Chinchilly & Zebra Bunny

Snowflake & Zebra Bunny

Chinchilly & Leopard Bunny

Snowflake & Leopard Bunny

Snowflake (left) & Prairie Bunny

Fjord & Prairie Bunny

Limited Edition December Holiday Bunnies


Tunnel Town recently announced that there are three new Holiday bunnies for the month of December!  These bunnies include the Candy Stripe bunny, the Elf bunny, and Santa & Mrs Claus bunnies.  I’m so excited to add these colorful new bunnies to my den this winter!

Once again, I’m asking for all of your help with finding the combinations to make these bunnies!  I can find a few of them but it really helps when you add the ones that you find 🙂  As usual, I’ll add your name to the list giving you credit for the bunny combos that you find!

Thanks Bruingrad, Travis, 2bkate, Mary, Kaninchen, Moogie-licious, Violetta, Kristin and Victoria for submitting the bunny combos you’ve found!

How to Mate a Frosty Bunny


The frosty bunny is the latest winter bunny to be released in Tunnel Town.  Unlike a real snowman, the frosty bunny will not melt in your den.

Bunny Combinations:

Candy Stripe (left) & Elf Bunny

White Candy Stripe & Green Candy Stripe Bunny

Candy Stripe & Snowflake Bunny

Candy Stripe & Fjord Bunny

Candy Stripe & Candy Stripe Bunny

Thanks Jesse, Reece, Katniss, Linea, Tammy, Pumpkin, and 829ana for the combos!!

How to Make a Candy Stripe Bunny


These colorful and sweet bunnies are sure to bring holiday cheer to your den this winter.

Bunny Combos:

Moon & Frog Bunny

Seafoam & Butterfly Bunny

Paradise & Seafoam Bunny (thanks Peepme2334!)

Shark & Paradise Bunny

Shark & Chameleon Bunny

Candy Stripe & Any Bunny

How to Hatch an Elf Bunny


These hard working bunnies are excellent for helping out around your den.

Bunny Combinations:

Candy Stripe & Jackalope Bunny

Candy Stripe & Zebra Bunny

Candy Stripe & Sun Bunny

Candy Stripe & Leopard Bunny

How to Breed a Santa Bunny


The holidays wouldn’t be complete without a Mr Santa and Mrs Claus bunny.

Bunny Combos:

Candy Stripe & Chameleon Bunny

Candy Stripe & Frog Bunny

Candy Stripe & Paradise Bunny

Candy Stripe & Mouse Bunny

Candy Stripe & Elf Bunny

Santa & Any Bunny

Limited Edition Autumn Bunnies


I know I’m a few days late on this but it was recently announced that there are three new limited edition Autumn Bunnies!  According to the Tunnel Town Facebook page, these bunnies will only be around until the end of November!

For some reason, my Tunnel Town app has not been working since the update so I haven’t been able to login and get the new bunnies 🙁  I need your help to figure out the bunny combinations since I can’t play Tunnel Town myself!  I want to give a HUGE thank you to Ladle, Violetta, Bepo, Kate, AbiFire808, Sara, Moogie-licious, Carly, Bruin, Chris, and Tanya for helping with the combos for these new bunnies!


If you find any new combinations for these Autumn Bunnies PLEASE comment so I can add them to the list!  I can’t check the combos for myself until Tunnel Town starts working again so let me know if the lists need to be changed.

How to Make an Autumn Bunny


These fall colored bunnies will make an excellent addition to your burrow, bringing fall leaves with them everywhere the go.

Bunny Combos:

Mountain & Mouse Bunny

Mountain & Jackalope Bunny

Mountain & Snail Bunny

Mountain & Sun Bunny

Mountain (right) & Dust Bunny

Snail & Mouse Bunny

Snail & Dust Bunny

Snail & Sun Bunny

Sun (left) & Mouse Bunny

Mouse (left) & Jackalope Bunny

Autumn & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Gobbler Bunny


Although their language is hard to understand, the Gobbler bunny will eventually integrate with the rest of the bunnies in your burrow.

Bunny Combinations:

Sun & Autumn Bunny

Autumn & Autumn Bunny

Autumn & Lion Bunny

Autumn & Leopard Bunny

Prairie (left) & Autumn Bunny

Zebra & Autumn Bunny

Roadrunner & Autumn Bunny (thanks Lisa)

Ladybug & Wildebeest Bunny (thanks Lisa)

How to Breed a Plymouth Coney Bunny


Plymouth Coney bunnies wont hesitate to give you a history lesson about their ancestors of Plymouth Rock.

Bunny Combos:

Zebra & Autumn Bunny

Prairie (left) & Autumn Bunny

Autumn & Lion Bunny

Autumn & Autumn Bunny

Gobbler & Autumn Bunny

How to Hatch a Dust Bunny


Dust bunnies are some of the first bunnies you’ll see in Tunnel Town.  They are useful for breeding all sorts of different bunnies.

Bunny Combos:

Sun & Fjord Bunny

Cactus & Fjord Bunny

Cactus & Paradise Bunny

Butterfly(left) & Sun Bunny

Dust & Any Bunny

How to Make a Prairie Bunny


The prairie bunny is a grassland bunny and is also good for breeding lots of different rabbits.

Bunny Combinations:

Prairie & Any Bunny

How to Mate a Mountain Bunny


Mountain bunnies are great for making some of the rare bunnies.  Be careful though, they are some of the roughest bunnies in the game.

Bunny Combos:

Mouse(left) & Moon Bunny

Mouse(left) & Seafoam Bunny

Mouse(left) & Cactus Bunny

Snail & Paradise Bunny

Mountain & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Chinchilly Bunny


The chinchilly bunny is an arctic bunny.  Little known fact, they are excellent DJs.

Bunny Combinations:

Chinchilly & Any Bunny

Fjord & Mountain Bunny

Fjord & Prairie Bunny

Fjord & Seafoam Bunny

Paradise(left) & Fjord Bunny

Butterfly(left) & Fjord Bunny

How to Make a Seafoam Bunny


The seafoam bunny is one of the lightest bunnies in Tunnel Town.  These colorful little bunnies are great for breeding other types of bunnies.

Bunny Combos:

Seafoam & Any Bunny

How to Breed a Bunny of Paradise


The bunny of paradise is one of the most colorful bunnies in Tunnel Town.  These are tropical bunnies that can produce other colorful bunnies.

Bunny Combinations:

Butterfly(left) & Lion Bunny

Cactus(left) & Moon Bunny

Paradise & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Sun Bunny


Sun bunnies are desert bunnies.  It is said that they may have even inspired the creation of the light bulb.

Bunny Combos:

Dust(left) & Mountain Bunny

Cactus(left) & Mouse Bunny

Cactus & Lion Bunny

Sun & Any Bunny

How to Make a Snail Bunny


Snail bunnies are mountain bunnies.  Contrary to popular belief, they do not leave a slimy trail behind them.

Bunny Combinations:

Mountain & Paradise Bunny

Mountain & Prairie Bunny

Mountain & Mouse Bunny

Snail & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Leopard Bunny


The leopard bunny is a grassland bunny that was once hunted for its fur.  Now they are safe but continue to be menaces while driving.

Bunny Combinations:

Prairie(left) & Dust Bunny

Prairie & Mountain Bunny

Leopard & Any Bunny

How to Make a Zebra Rabbit


Zebra bunnies are also from the grassland.  These bunnies are known for their messy eating habits.

Bunny Combinations:

Prairie(left) & Mountain Bunny

Lion & Mountain Bunny (thanks ATHENAPLAYS!)

Zebra & Any Bunny

What Kinds of Bunnies Make a Snowflake Bunny


Snowflake bunnies are arctic bunnies.  Despite being from the cold, they are very smart and sarcastic.
Bunny Combinations:

Chinchilly & Mouse Bunny

Fjord(left) & Seafoam Bunny

Fjord(left) & Paradise Bunny

Mountain(left) & Fjord Bunny

Snowflake & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Moon Bunny


Moon bunnies are surprisingly ocean bunnies.  It’s best to mate during the night time if you want to make a moon bunny.

Bunny Combinations:

Snowflake & Seafoam Bunny

Fjord(left) & Seafoam Bunny

Seafoam(left) & Mountain Bunny

Seafoam(left) & Cactus Bunny

Seafoam & Sun Bunny (thanks Jammer blaze)

Thanks Green Splash Bird for the following 6 combos!

Seafoam & Seafoam Bunny

Shark & Squid Bunny

Seafoam & Shark Bunny

Seafoam & Squid Bunny

Chinchilly (left) & Shark Bunny

Chinchilly (left) & Squid Bunny

Breeding a Frog Bunny


Frog bunnies are from a tropical climate.  They enjoy dancing and listening to music.

Bunny Combinations:

Seafoam(left) & Cactus Bunny

Butterfly(left) & Fjord Bunny

Lion(left) & Butterfly Bunny

Paradise(left) & Snail Bunny

Autumn(left) & Sun Bunny

Frog & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Lion Bunny


The lion bunny is another grassland bunny.  You need at least one other lion bunny to hatch one of these.

Bunny Combos:

Prairie & Mountain Bunny

Mountain & Leopard Bunny

Leopard & Snail Bunny

Lion & Any Bunny

Thanks Ana for the new combos!

How to Mate a Shark Bunny


The shark bunny is an ocean bunny.  Although they may look dangerous, they are actually very nice.

Bunny Combinations:

Prairie(right) & Seafoam Bunny

Shark & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Butterfly Bunny


Butterfly bunnies are from a tropical island.  Their island is free from any type of danger, allowing them to grow wings.

Bunny Combinations:

Paradise & Mouse Bunny

Snail(left) & Paradise Bunny

Mountain (left) & Paradise Bunny (Thanks Caliegha!)

Butterfly & Any Bunny

How to Make a Cactus Bunny

Cactus bunnies are desert bunnies.  They are some of the friendliest bunnies in Tunnel Town.

Bunny Combinations:

Dust & Sun Bunny

Dust(left) & Prairie Bunny

Cactus & Any Bunny

How to Breed a Fjord Bunny


The fjord bunny is an arctic bunny from a cold climate.  It’s amazing how they keep their mohawks looking so good.

Bunny Combinations:

Chinchilly & Mouse Bunny

Chinchilly & Dust Bunny

Sun & Chinchilly Bunny

Fjord & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Mouse Bunny


Mouse bunnies are from a mountain environment.  You’ll need two rare bunnies to make a mouse bunny.

Bunny Combinations:

Snail & Cactus Bunny

Mountain & Sun Bunny

Dust & Sun Bunny

Dust & Mountain Bunny

Mountain(left) & Fjord Bunny

Mountain (left) & Paradise Bunny (Thanks Caliegha!)

Mouse & Any Bunny

How to Make a Squid Bunny


The squid bunny is from the ocean.  You’ll need another ocean bunny to mate a squid bunny.

Bunny Combinations:

Snowflake & Seafoam Bunny

Fjord & Seafoam Bunny

Fjord & Moon Bunny

Moon & Prairie Bunny

Seafoam & Moon Bunny

Prairie(right) & Seafoam Bunny

Squid & Any Bunny

How to Mate a Jackalope Bunny


The jackalope bunny is another desert bunny.  Thought to be a legend, these bunnies are actually real.

Bunny Combinations:

Fjord & Cactus Bunny

Fjord & Sun Bunny

Sun & Chinchilly Bunny

Dust & Mountain Bunny

Mouse & Cactus Bunny

Jackalope & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Walrus Bunny


The walrus bunny is from an arctic climate.  Their thick fur and long tusks keep them safe from the cold and predators.

Bunny Combinations:

Seafoam(left) & Fjord Bunny

Fjord & Chinchilly Bunny

Moon(left) & Fjord Bunny

Walrus & Any Bunny

Breeding a Miner ’49er Bunny


Miner ’49er bunnies are the second rarest bunnies in Tunnel Town.  These are mountain bunnies so you’ll need two other mountain bunnies to make one.

Bunny Combos:

Mountain & Snail Bunny

Miner ’49er & Any Bunny

How to Hatch a Chameleon Bunny


The chameleon bunny is the rarest bunny in tunneltown.  In order to make a chameleon bunny, you need two tropical bunnies that are at least a level 5.  The question is, will you be able to find the chameleon bunny once it hatches?

Bunny Combos:

Cactus & Paradise Bunny

Paradise & Butterfly Bunny

Butterfly & Dust Bunny

Butterfly(left) & Sun Bunny

Chameleon & Any Bunny

Paradise & Sun Bunny

How to Breed a Narwhal Bunny


The narwhal rabbit is one of the most recent bunnies to come to Tunnel Town. Watch out for the horn!

Bunny Combinations:

Fjord & Chinchilly Bunny

Fjord & Snowflake Bunny

Narwhal & Any Bunny

How to Make a Wildebeest Bunny


The wildebeest bunny is the newest addition to Tunnel Town. Be careful, these bunnies can have a temper.

Bunny Combos:

Zebra & Prairie Bunny

Leopard & Prairie Bunny

Zebra & Zebra Bunny

Lion & Prairie Bunny

How to Hatch an Angler Bunny


The angler bunny was recently added to Tunnel Town. Don’t touch their light or they get angry.

Bunny Combinations:

Seafoam & Squid Bunny

Squid & Shark Bunny

Seafoam & Shark Bunny

Shark & Moon Bunny

Angler & Any Bunny

Thanks Olivia, Keely, Luis, TB, Bepo, Bob, JJ, Jessie, and everyone else for helping with the bunny combinations, you guys are awesome!!

How to Breed a Toucan Bunny


Toucan bunnies are the newest bunnies to come to Tunnel Town.  These quirky, energetic rabbits are sure to bring a warm tropical feeling to your burrow.

Bunny Combos:

Butterfly & Paradise Bunny

Paradise & Frog Bunny

Paradise & Chameleon Bunny

Thanks Manda12321 and Ana for the bunny combinations!  If you know any other combos, please leave them in the comments!

  1. Seafoam bunnies and shark bunnies make seahorse bunnies

  2. I got shark with Prairie and Moon

  3. Rosebud+Beetle=Sprout got it on first try

  4. Seafoam+Seafoam=Moon

  5. You can have a walrus bunny and a snowflake bunny to make a narwhal bunny

  6. Having a cactus bunny on the left and squid on the right gives you a bunny of paradise.

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