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Tunnel Town Tips & Hints

Tunnel Town is the latest game app from the creators of Animal Jam.  The objective is to raise your rabbits and build a large underground lair, hence the name Tunnel Town.  In the game, you grow vegetables to feed your rabbits.  The vegetables not only give the bunnies energy, but also help them level-up.

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I’ll be updating this guide with more hints and tips as I find them.  If you have any suggestions for Tunnel Town tips or any questions, feel free to comment below.

How do I unlock more bunnies?

There are a few ways to unlock more bunnies in Tunnel Town.  The first is by leveling-up.  Every time you reach a new level, you unlock new bunnies that you can buy.  You also unlock more spaces so you can keep more bunnies too.  Another way to unlock more rabbits is by mating different kinds of bunnies.  By mating bunnies, you can create different kinds of bunnies.


How do I mate bunnies?

Your bunnies must be a level 4 or above to mate.  To mate two different bunnies, place them on the dance floor.  You’ll be able to see what possible combinations of bunny they will produce.  The outcomes will change depending on which music you choose to play.


The longer it takes for them to mate, the rarer the bunny.


How do I level-up my bunnies?

The fastest way to reach higher levels with your bunnies is by feeding them.  Each type of vegetable has a different amount of XP that your bunnies get when they eat.  The veggies that take longest to grow give the most experience points for your bunnies.


How do I reach higher levels?

The best way to level-up in Tunnel Town is by completing goals.  Your goals can be found by tapping the clipboard on the left side of your screen.  Each goal you complete earns experience points that help you reach the next level.  Another way to earn  experience points and level-up is by growing vegetables.  Every vegetable you pick gives you XP towards leveling-up.


How do I switch users on Tunnel Town?

Switching users on Tunnel Town is easy.  All you have to do is tap the settings button in the lower right corner then tap “Switch User”.  This allows you to switch between multiple accounts on Tunnel Town.


  1. I’ve tried multiple combinations of the bunnies and I’m still not getting the options I’m looking for (example) chinchilli and zebra gave me no option for the albino bunny ?do you have to be a certain level for this to work

    • The option for the albino bunny (usually) does not appear in the menu/list… since almost any combination has a (VERY, VERY, VERY) slight chance of hatching an albino bunny. I find that it only appears on the dance menu/list for combinations that are really rare, such as Luck Bunny + Luck Bunny.

      As for other rare options not appearing, I think it might be a glitch. It’s the same for me. The rare bunnies appear in the dance menu/list after I close and re-open the game. I hope that works for you!

  2. How do I get out of offline mode?? I did everything, but it’s still not connected.

  3. Guys this is an old forum. Most of the breeding and stuff if from when tunnel town started. Some still work, but don’t get your hopes up.

  4. where is the Tunnel Town?

  5. Be careful with the time cheat. If you do it two times, you might get suspended. The first time you do it, you will only get a warning. But the second time they will suspend you.

  6. Can I change colors of my furniture ?

  7. I need help on level 23 I need to watch my favorite TV show how do u turn on the TV plz help me I really need help and plz friend me on tunnel town and animal jam plz

    • I believe you would set your bunnies infront of it, like a chair.

  8. Can you get rid of the crystals in the walls? Or do they stay there forever?

  9. My tunnel town will go to the loading screen, then loads about 1/6 of the bar and stops, I can’t update it, I can’t do anything with it! Please HELP ME!

  10. Hey! I wanted to know if There is a cheat for the bug ‘goal’…. I have to squash 1000… 😐

    1. Go to the bunny store and click sell
    2.see which two bunnies have the most gems
    3.put them in the dance thing
    4.once the baby is done sell it
    1.plant a vegetable
    2.use the date and time thing only if you have apple product or else wait
    3.sell the vegetable

    • you could also grow a ton of carrots cuz they literally cost ZERO GEMS and then sell them all for 2 gems each

  12. i was trying to hatch a turtle bunny so thx thx thx thx for the how to hatch im gonna try and hatch a turtle bunny!.

    • I remember hatching my turtle bunny and it takes 20 hours I kept breeding my sun bunny and my dust bunny.

  13. You could have were u dont get a bunny that your mateing as a baby .and it would be alot cooler if u could personalizs your own bunnies .and create your own breeds that werent already on the game.and where you didnt have to level up and where there isnt any in app purchases i dont like apps with in app purchases

  14. Please get me a free membership please please please my parents won’t let me buy my self one because they say it’s waisting my money my user is Bubblecake2314

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