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Animal Jam is one of the most popular online games for kids and best of all, it’s free to play.  All you have to do is choose a username and you can start exploring Jamaa.  All players are able to create an animal avatar and participate in activities all over the map.  Although many features of the game are available for all players, you need a membership to enjoy some aspects of the game.

For example, non-members have a limited number of animals they can keep in their inventory.  They’re also unable to purchase certain items and animals that are only for members.  Don’t get me wrong, Animal Jam is still very fun to play as a non-member!  However being a member unlocks everything that Jamaa has to offer.

Players must pay a monthly fee (or buy 3-12 month memberships) in order to play as members.  The memberships vary in cost which I will discuss more later.  These costs can add up so some Jammers can’t afford to be a member all the time.  That’s why I’ve created this page – to help non-members find safe and working ways to get Animal Jam memberships for free!

Before I give you some tips for getting a free membership in Animal Jam, let’s take a look at what it exactly it means to be a member!  Things have changed a lot since I first made this page years ago.  AJHQ has added tons of new features and benefits for members!  I’ve updated this page with the new benefits and some new tips.  These are some of the main benefits you get as a member.

Animal Jam Member Benefits for 2019

  • Have up to 1000 different animals 
  • Access to special members only animals
  • Keep up to 1000 den items and accessories in your inventory
  • Member daily spin with diamond prizes
  • Create masterpieces of your artwork
  • Play any adventure
  • Send gifts to buddies
  • A personalized Jammer Wall
  • Play members only games
  • Host your own parties
  • Collect special dens and den music
  • Adopt any kind of pet
  • Use custom nametags and emotes
  • Early access to new adventures
  • Daily gift of 5 sapphires in Play Wild
  • Play Wild weekly gifts and 2x gems in games
  • Much more


As you can see, there are many benefits of having an Animal Jam membership.  You can really get the most out of the game with a membership.  Some of the best perks are the amount of different animals, items and accessories that you can collect – literally thousands!  It’s pretty hard to fill up your inventory now that you can keep so many things.

Another one of the best benefits is the member daily spin.  Most Animal Jam players are familiar with the daily spin where you can win gems every day you log in.  Well the member daily spin is just like that except the prizes are diamonds and rare gifts!  The more days in a row you log in, the more diamonds you’ll get.  If you get really lucky you can win up to 6 diamonds just for signing in!

Free Animal Jam Memberships 2019

It’s great to be an Animal Jam member but unfortunately not everyone can afford to pay for membership.  I’ve had a lot of Jammers ask me about how to get a free Animal Jam membership.  The truth is it’s not impossible to get a free membership, but it can be difficult.  When you are looking online you need to be especially careful.

There are some websites out there that will try to scam you.  Never give out your password to anyone if they offer to give you a membership or make you a member for free.  This is a 100% chance you will get scammed if you give out your password so don’t do it!  Here are some safe ways to get a free membership in Animal Jam.

Membership Giveaways

One way to get a free AJ membership is to try your luck in an Animal Jam giveaway.  There are lots of bloggers and Youtubers who do giveaways on their sites and channels.  We even do them here at AnimalJamWorld, hint hint.  Now again I must stress that you never give out your password.  If the person doing the giveaway is asking for your password then it is a scam!  Only enter safe giveaways on trusted websites.

Ask Your Parents

Another way to get a free Animal Jam membership is to ask your parents.  This is the safest option and will prevent you from getting ripped off by someone online.  Maybe you could offer to do some chores around the house in exchange for a membership or allowance.  Trust me it’s worth it!

Other Websites

If your parents are not willing to buy you a membership, there are some other options you can try.  There are some websites that you can complete surveys or even play games to earn a free Animal Jam membership.  Be careful on these websites and only use ones with trusted reviews.  I recommend researching and seeing which sites offer memberships as prizes.


Beta Testing

Some people have been able to get free Animal Jam memberships by becoming a beta tester for the game.  Although the game is already developed now, they are still adding new features and areas to explore.  Keep your eyes open for opportunities to become a beta tester and possibly receive a free Animal Jam membership!

If you’ve tried all the methods mentioned above or if you have some money saved up, it might be time to buy an Animal Jam membership.  They’re not too expensive if you save up and if you play enough so it’s worth it.  Let’s see just how much they cost.

Membership Pricing & Bonus Bundles

As many of you know, Animal Jam memberships cost money.  AJHQ has to make money to keep the game running.  In order to keep Animal Jam free for everyone, they have to sell memberships to pay for their expenses.  This is why Animal Jam rewards members for buying memberships.

Memberships can be purchased in a variety of ways: a monthly recurring subscription, a once-yearly payment, or through physical Animal Jam member cards.  The prices start at $6.95 per month or about $58 per year if you pay for 12 months at a time.  You can also purchase physical membership cards for 3-6 months.  The best deal is to buy 12 months at once if you can.   This way it works out to only $4.83 per month and you get a huge bonus!

On that note, another benefit to being an Animal Jam member is the instant bonus you receive when you purchase the membership.  If you purchase a 12 month membership you’ll get a whopping 175 diamonds and 25,000 gems to spend!  You’ll also get 15,000 sapphires in Play Wild if you play that too.  Here’s a pic of a Play Wild bonus from a 6 month AJ membership.

Bonus Bundles

In case those weren’t enough reasons for getting a membership, AJHQ also runs additional special promos when you renew your membership or redeem a membership card.  These promotions change over time, usually there is a new one every 1-2 months.  You’ll see them advertised on the home page of  Here’s an example of a bonus bundle from 2018.

So what’s in a membership bonus bundle?  It’s basically a free animal and a bunch of free items.  All of these are either from the Diamond Shop or they can only be gotten from the bundle.  It’s a bit different for each promotion but it’s usually something like this:

  • 1 animal
  • 1 pet
  • 1 den
  • 1 armor/clothing set
  • 1 exclusive den item

Some bundles have rarer animals and items than others.  Like I said, they change the bundle promos pretty often.  So if you see a bundle that you like, make sure you redeem your membership in time!


The most important thing to remember, whether you’re a member or non-member, is to be respectful to all other Jammers and most importantly have fun!  Not everyone can be members so be kind to non-members 🙂  I’ll try to come up with more ways to get free memberships, are there any methods I missed?

  1. can I plz have one too I love animal jam a lot and I’ve been searching on how to get a free AJ membership for a few weeks now this is the first time I’ve REALLY had hope because on videos they usually don’t tell u the codes can I plz have a free membership under cutes39 TYSM bye

  2. Hi! I’d love a membership! I’m nutcracker11.

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